What if you were part of  a 7 gal possie of the baddest chicks on the planet...you guys are fun loving, wild smart and krazy..but once you guys end up in a gunfight, all the krazyness comes out..ever decided to go on a cottage retreat with your girls and stumble up on some guns and drugs..and since you guys dont use, you decide to contact your associates and sell it for cash..all goes well until you your girlfriends and associates are invaded by other world aliens..who take over the cottage while you and your girls hide in the basement..but your stupid associates decided to offer and give up some of the high potensy narcotics to the aliens..the other worldly emmediently get hooked and start acting stupid and krazy..but remember in the basement you guys found guns too..9mm's, 38's, desert eagles and a few grenades..suddenly in the basement where you guys are, curiosity from a snooping alien frightens the heck out of all of you and triggers a gunfight between you all and the aliens..all the other worldly gets seriously capped out as the government gets involved..nasa, the air force, the navy, eti in new mexico and the president etc..a well thought outside the box adventure of caos and mayhem that is going to blow your mind

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